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Parking won’t be an issue for these special vehicles

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority(RTA) is offering free parking spaces across the city but it’s available for only one category of vehicles.

Electric cars can avail the free parking spaces.

Several electric vehicles have come out in the UAE market including the likes of Tesla’s automobiles, Nissan’s hatchback vehicle, Leaf and BMW’s high roof hatchback, i3. Electric vehicles have access to free parking spaces across 40 paid parking areas in prime locations like Downtown, Jumeirah and on Sheikh Zayed Road. Every parking space is marked with a green boundary.

Half of RTA’s fleet will have electric vehicles by 2021

Watch out for the next three years as RTA is replacing half of its gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles by 2021. So far, 20% of RTA’s fleet are electric vehicles. In March this year, RTA revealed that its batch of 50 Tesla vehicles clocked 2.1 million kilometres after 64,186 trips since September 2017, proving electric vehicles have been a hit in the city.

Photograph credit: Inside EVs

Dubai is aiming for 25% driverless transportation by 2030

Smart transportation is on the rise in the city. By 2030, Dubai’s Future Foundation has set an aim to convert towards driverless transportation by at least 25%. If the challenge turns out successful, according to Dubai Future Foundation’s statistics, it can save Dhs 900 million of transportation costs and by will save Dhs 1.5 billion a year by reducing environmental pollution by 12%.

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