Perfect spell of weather coming to Dubai

The weather is taking a turn for the good in Dubai, with blue skies, sunshine and that perfect amount of Middle East heat set to arrive.

After a long winter and spring full of floods, record rain and hailstones the size of golf balls, it’s so nice to bring you some good weather news. And let’s not even mention the C-word.

The weather this weekend and beyond is set to be perfect according to UAE Weather. And by perfect, we mean peak temperatures of 36°C, gentle breezes and blue skies. Bliss!

UAE weather forecast

Nighttime temperatures meanwhile will hover around the low 20s, perfect for a BBQ or Braai in your back garden or balcony (while self-isolating, obvs).

The perfect weather in Dubai is set to continue for most of next week, so if you can find some daylight in your day, make sure to enjoy it.

And if you are locked down with nothing but a window to enjoy the good weather, here’s some good news. Disney + is launching in the region next Thursday, including all the Star Wars, Avengers and Pixar films you can watch.