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Photograph credit: Dubai Police

Phew! Dubai Police Helped A Woman Who Lost An Item Worth Half A Million

Yet again, Dubai Police came to the rescue, this time helping a woman by recovering a special item which cost her Dhs 500,000 after losing it in a plane.

Woman lost a ring during her flight

Here’s what happened, a woman was flying from France to Bangkok, Thailand via Dubai and during the stopover at DXB, she was at Dubai Duty-Free when she realized her ring was missing. It was a diamond ring worth USD 150,000(Dhs 545,500). She immediately contacted Dubai Police but they didn’t have enough time to get the ring based on her next flight’s boarding time.

Gif credit: Giphy

Dubai Police continued the search

Seeing the woman’s tense situation during the layover, the Dubai Police team adviced her to board onto her next flight while they will continue the search. Her return trip anyway had a stopover to DXB, hence she left for the Bangkok flight. Little did she know, she’d receive a surprise upon her layover at DXB.

She was greeted with the ring upon her arrival

When she returned to DXB for the layover, she was taken by surprise when Dubai Airports’ guards came to greet her(not in a bad way), they greeted her with the lost ring which Dubai Police found and it was in the rear pocket of her seat at the business class cabin.

Gif credit: Gyfcat