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PlayStation has made an announcement on its future but it’s not entirely sad

Japanese gaming giant PlayStation has made an announcement about the PS4 console and its future plans for rebuilding on its hardware and technology.

PS4 is in its final phase
From a strategy meeting recently, news broke out that the PS4 team have announced they’re nearing the end of its lifecycle after five years and are going to use the next three years on upgrading their hardware. The break could cost PlayStation if competitors like Xbox and Nintendo take over the gaming market in the next three years.

Sales continue to boom for PlayStation
Home consoles were revolutionized by PlayStation, thanks to the iconic PS2, selling 158 million units worldwide. It’s successor, PS3 managed to have sales of 80 million and its successor too shares a close record, selling 76.1 million units according to Forbes.

PS4 will have the longest lifecycle

Suppose that PlayStation will stick to its statement to introduce PS5(hopefully!) by 2021, it means PS4 will have the longest lifecycle that its previous counterparts, for eight years. Both PS1 and PS2 had a six-years span, from 1994-2000 and from 2000-2006 respectively, whilst PS3 had a lifecycle from 2006 till 2013.

Photograph credit: WonderFox Soft