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Police Car Chase In Al Ain Ends With Fatal Accident

Abu Dhabi Police have stated a car chase that stemmed from Al Ain led to a fatal accident after the reckless driver crashed into a police car.

Car chase in Al Ain

After escaping from Abu Dhabi police, a young reckless driver made his way towards the roads of Al Ain and was spotted driving recklessly prompting the police to follow him. The police fired two shots in the air in an attempt to slow down the driver. Instead, the driver fired back at the police and continued speeding away.

Photograph credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Chase ended in fatal accident

Eventually, the driver crashed into another police patrol vehicle. The car overturned and the driver sustained multiple injuries. He was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries last Tuesday morning. Abu Dhabi Police shared this case to warn the public, to follow their instructions during road related incidents.

Abu Dhabi Polices expresses condolences

Abu Dhabi Police expressed its condolences to the youth’s family. They said, “The Abu Dhabi Police expressed its deep regret for the unfortunate incident, expressing its deepest condolences and sincere concerns to the family of the deceased.”