Poo with a view transparent toilets created in Japan
Poo with a view transparent toilets created in Japan

Poo with a view see-through public toilets installed in Tokyo parks

You can now poo with a view thanks to the transparent toilets created by an award-winning designer in Tokyo.

The transparent public toilets give users a great view of the public park as they do their business. And handily, they turn opaque when they’re in use, so you can do your thing with no onlookers. Which, quite frankly, is just how we like it.

The bizarre public toilets are the work of award-winning The “transparent” architect Shigeru Ban and a team of designers. Who seemingly took the concept ‘how can we make going to the toilet in public even more uncomfortable’ and ran with it.

There are now five public toilets dotted around the Shibuya neighbourhood in Japan as part of the Tokyo Toilet Project.

Method to the madness

Despite the humourous angle, they have some very cool design concepts rooted in real life.

“There are two concerns with public toilets, especially those located in parks,” said the design team. “The first is whether it is clean inside, and the second is that no one is secretly waiting inside.”

And they light up like a lantern at night time, providing a safer space in the park after dark.

All this talk of toilets means we have to bring up the time this record-breaking, diamond-encrusted toilet came to Dubai. Literally nothing like toilet humour.