Popular Beirut Bunker Nightclub, B018, Opening In Dubai Marina

Beirut is world famous for its nightlife thanks to its lively bars and underground clubs.

It looks like Dubai will be getting a piece of that popular scene, as the legendary club B018 will be opening a new venue on the outskirts of the Marina.

B018 was named the “Berghain of Beirut” (after the renowned Berlin superclub) when established in 1998.

The club is known as one of the world’s best and over its 22-year history has welcomed some of the most popular DJs in the world.

And now it’s official – the concept is coming to Dubai in early 2021!

B018 Opening In Dubai Marina

The UAE version will consist of two contrasting spaces – a tropical-themed cocktail bar and an industrial-themed main room which mimics the feel and spirit of the Beirut original.

The main room, which was designed by Rabih Geha, will include the club’s traditional moon bar as well as coffin-shaped tables, in line with the interior style of B018 Beirut.

As a signature of the original club, there will be a rooftop lighting system that will welcome the morning at the end of the night and obviously a state-of-the-art sound system!


Rich Culture And History

The space will make room for music and art lovers across all nationalities, and will celebrate Lebanon’s rich culture and history.

According to Hassan Ballout, the chief growth officer: “B018 The Sequel has a dualistic approach – our aim is to maintain the spirit of the original venue while facilitating its growth. It is vintage yet futuristic, tropical yet industrial, connected yet disconnected, iconic yet simple, and welcoming yet exclusive. The imbalanced balance.”

We look forward to the opening of this one!