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Prisoners Refuse To Leave Dubai Jail, Claiming They Enjoyed Serving Time

11 female prison inmates in Dubai are frustrating their prison guards by refusing to leave after serving their jail term, according to Khaleej Times.

Prisoners enjoyed “good treatment and services” during jail term

After serving their time at Dubai Women’s Jail, 11 inmates refused to return back to their home countries. The reason being they’re provided with “good treatment and services,” according to Colonel Jamila Khalifa Al Zaabi, director of Dubai Women’s Jail. The inmates say they were treated “kindly” and were “encouraged to learn new skills” as well as practice their hobbies.

Refusal to leave jail because of its infrastructure

A prisoner, identified by her initials, NK, believes her jail term was more than just serving punishment for the given period of time. She thanked the jail’s infrastructure for giving her the opportunity to make the most of her time, such as access to a recreational area for sports, a library, a drawing room and lots of walking spaces. Plus, their food supplier is regarded as the “best in the country,” keeping them away from health issues.

Inmates were allowed to stay in touch with their families

Colonel Jamila says its inmates weren’t stranded from communicating with their families, hence their refusal to leave the jail. She said, “Part of the jail’s management is a standard, structured programme that is aimed at rehabilitating the inmates and ensuring they are given medical care and proper nutrition. They are also able to stay in touch with their families, especially their children, and get to live in a peaceful environment that is akin to a community.”

A final decision on the 11 inmates is yet to be announced.