Photograph credit: Pixabay

PS4’s New Limited Edition Console Design Looks Sleek!

Eeek! The San Diego Comic-Con has been a surprising one for pop culture fans as numerous first-looks and releases have been announced. PlayStation also made an announcement about a limited-edition console.

Limited-edition Spider-Man consoles are coming up

Big news Marvel fans! PlayStation is rolling a limited-edition series of PS4 consoles designed after Marvel’s iconic superhero, Spider-Man. The console is in red with a spider symbol on top of the console and its joystick is in white, black and red. The limited-edition console will have a gigantic memory space of 1TB.

Photograph credit: PlayStation Blog

Villain of the video-game was revealed too

Recently at the E3 gaming convention, one of the most anticipated games was ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ The antagonist in this film is Silver Sable, who appears to be an ally of Spider-Man but actually is an agent of Mary Norman Osborn, stopping anyone and everyone who’s contributing to Spider-Man’s mayhem.

Mary Jane has a new voice actor

Laura Bailey did voice-overs for Peter Parker’s crush/love interest; Mary Jane and in fact, Bailey has been the voice actors in several games, like Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Nadine Ross from Unchartered and Lady Comstock from Bioshosck. She’s one of the busiest voice actors in the gaming industry.