Photograph credit: Spartan

Race Like A Spartan In Sharjah This February

Brave enough to tackle the sands and obstacles? The Spartan Middle East and Africa Championship has got the ultimate adrenaline-packed challenge, making its Sharjah debut on Friday, 15th February.

Spartan Middle East and Africa Championship in Sharjah

One of the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brands, Spartan is bringing its action-packed obstacle course to Sharjah for the first time. It will take place in the sweltering sands of Mleiha desert, featuring a line-up of 30 signature Spartan obstacles spanning over 20 km. Beware, this isn’t like any other standard running event.

Photograph credit: Spartan

Sprint package available for athletes of all levels

Let’s be honest, obstacle courses can be gruelling. Some obstacles could go beyond the limit for race enthusiasts and if you’re one of those, Spartan Middle East and Africa Championship has got you covered. They’ve got a ‘Sprint’ package, costing $108 (AED 396), with 23 obstacles lined up, covering seven kilometres. It’s a race ideal for first timers to seasoned racers.

‘Open Heat’ obstacle course registrations open

If the obstacle course sounds tempting, you can check out the ‘Open Heat’ package. Spartan is offering the obstacle course in three options: ‘Championship Elite’, ‘Championship Age Group’ and ‘Championship Open Heat.’ Although the ‘Elite’ and ‘Age Groups’ options are only open to qualified racers, thrillseekers can opt for the ‘Open Heat’ challenge, costing $145 (AED 532).

Photograph credit: Spartan

Action-packed line-up of obstacles

As crazy as it seems, Spartan’s races will be host to an insurmountable line-up of obstacles. Some of the signature Spartan challenges include leaping over a fiery wall, rope climbs, spear throws, tire drags, crawling through barbed wires, carrying a bucket of rocks and trekking over a prescribed route. Not to mention, failure to make it through the challenges leads to a burpee penalty.

Photograph credit: Spartan

Performance gear recommended

Since there’s a lot of mud and water involved in the obstacle course, Spartan highly recommends participants to race in the performance gear they train in, excluding cotton clothes and new shoes. They also recommend bringing water packs, Clif bars and energy gels.

Registrations are currently open. Head to their website for details.