Radars Will Catch Motorists For Seat Belt and Phone Violations Starting In January

Abu Dhabi motorists are in for some new surprises on the roads!  

There are now traffic radars in Abu Dhabi that are all set to start catching drivers who brake certain laws, come the 1st of January 2021.

The new radars have been installed across various locations of Abu Dhabi city.

Ready To Snap Seat Belt And Mobile Phone Violations

The radars are all ready to start snapping photos of drivers who use their mobile phones while driving as well as those who do not buckle up.

The Vehicular Attention and Safety Tracker (VAST) was launched by Abu Dhabi Police together with the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA). VAST aims to reduce the number of road accidents and enhance traffic safety in the emirate. 

ADDA worked closely with the the Abu Dhabi Police to develop this joint analytical model. It collects, tracks, analyses and processes data making use of artificial intelligence techniques.

High-resolution images of motorists will be captured through artificial intelligence-powered cameras. An automated process then analyses the images which will detect seat belt and mobile phone violations.

Motorists who are caught making use of their mobile phone or not wearing a seat belt, will receive a SMS as a record of their violation as well as a notice to rectify their behaviour.

Earlier in 2020, Abu Dhabi Police implemented the tailgating smart detection system. It was aimed at catching tailgaters which is a very common sight across UAE roads.

A similar principle to that of the VAST, police also send text messages to notify drivers and warn them about the fines in the case of repeated tailgating instances.

Best you buckle up and keep your phone out of sight when driving through Abu Dhabi!