Ramadan Sharing Fridges
Photograph credit: Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Ramadan Sharing Fridges Initiative Returns This Year

In time for the holy month of Ramadan from 5th May-4th June, the Dubai-based initiative, Ramadan Sharing Fridges, makes a return for another month of charity and food aid.

What is this concept about?

Simply put, a line-up of fridges will be installed across key locations in Dubai, where people can donate food and drinks for those in need. On an average, one fridge feeds upto 100 people daily. Some of the best food items to donate include fruits, vegetables and biscuits, laban, juice and water. Cooked food isn’t allowed.

Initiative entirely run by Dubai residents

Ramadan is set to begin in two weeks, and the organizers are calling upon residents in Dubai to contribute to the initiative by setting up fridges in allocated places. They’re also looking for volunteers to help organize the initiative. If you have a few spare hours on your hands, this is an initiative worth getting involved with. To join the project, join their Facebook group or email operations@ramadansharingfridges.org.

Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative only in Dubai

With the fast-rising popularity of Ramadan Sharing Fridges, it’s worth mentioning this initiative will only take place in Dubai. Residents living in Abu Dhabi and the northern emirates can contribute to this charity too, by donating food and drinks at the fridges shown in the map. More than 26,000 residents are part of this charitable initiative.