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Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Ramadan starting date in UAE has been announced

Following the starting dates by most GCC states, UAE’s moon sighting committee announced that Ramadan officially starts on 17th May.

Most GCC states start on May 17th

Last week, Oman was the first gulf country to announce the official starting date after an announcement by its Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, followed by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia too announcing 17th May as the starting date in their countries. Yesterday, UAE’s moon sighting committee were unable to sight the moon. However, after communicating with neighboring countries, it was announced that May 17th will the starting date.

Working hours for public and private sectors are out

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation(MOHRE) announced the private working hours to be reduced by two hours, although they they don’t have to necessarily comply with the announcement. Whereas, working hours for the public sector are reduced to five hours, from 9am-2pm. Schools will follow the same timings too.

Parking hours have been announced

During the holy month, paid parking hours are from 8am-6pm and from 8pm-12am. Parking is free during Maghrib prayers and iftar, from 6pm-8pm. Whereas, paid parking hours in Abu Dhabi during daytime are from 9am-2pm and during nighttime from 9pm-2:30am. On Thursdays, the nighttime parking hours are reduced to 12am.