Photograph credit: Flickr

Ramadan tents will be safer after Dubai Municipality’s new ban

Continuing the decision as last year, Dubai Municipality has announced a ban on serving sheesha at tents serving iftar until 9pm during the holy month of Ramadan.

Venues will have to obtain a license to serve sheesha

Hotels with Ramadan tents will have to comply with the Federal Law No. 15 of 2009 on tobacco control and its executive regulations, wherein acquiring the license comes with several requirements and specific details which can’t be altered after obtaining a license.

Public can report violations to Dubai Municipality

Shall the tents not follow rules by authorities, the public can report such violations on Dubai Municipality’s toll free number: 800900. According to Gulf News, violations can include distance between smoking customers less than one square meter, bigger space for hall serving sheesha than the hall not serving sheesha and tents not having a seperate entrance to enter the hall serving sheesha.

Ramadan is likely to expected to start on 17th May

Oman’s Ministry of Endowments and Religous Affairs has announced May 17th as the starting date of Ramadan, while Kuwait has made a tentative announcement of May 17th as the likely starting date. Plus, Sharjah’s Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences is expecting 17th May as the likely date too.