Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Rankings for the most powerful passports have been revealed and UAE stands high

Latest Henley Passport Index has been released and their statistics show the value of passports from 199 countries, territories and micro-states.

UAE ranks 23rd

Ranked on the basis of visa-free access, UAE ranks 23rd with access to 154 countries. According to Chinese news website South China Morning Post, UAE has had the highest climb in rankings in ten years, increase its ranking by 38 positions. UAE shares its ranking with Uruguay with the same number of countries with visa-free access.

Japan tops the list

Last year, Singapore had the record for the most powerful passport but has taken over by Japan this year, with visa-free access to 189 countries. Germany and Singapore are tied for the second-ranking, with access to 188 countries, followed by six countries tied for the third spot with access to 187 countries and seven countries tied for the fourth spot, with access to 186 countries.

Ukraine has had the highest climb this year

From the report, Ukraine has had the highest climb in a year, jumping 20 spots up to 38th rank, tied with Nicaragua, with access to 128 countries. Georgia was second on the climber’s list, jumping up the ranks by 19 spots to 49th position, tied with Turkey with access to 111 countries. China too improved its passport value by 17 spots to 68th position, with access to 70 countries.

Kuwait the second most powerful passport in the Middle East

After UAE, Kuwait comes second in the ranks for the Middle East region, ranked at 53rd with visa-free access to 93 countries., tied with Ecuador. Qatar ranks third in the Middle East with a worldwide ranking at 57th with access to 85 countries, followed by Bahrain ranked 60th with access to 81 countries, Oman placed 63rd with access to 78 countries and Saudi Arabia ranked 65th with access to 75 countries. Yemen was ranked among the least powerful passports, ranked 97th with access to 37 countries.