Rare 'Blue Hole' found in Abu Dhabi
Rare 'Blue Hole' found in Abu Dhabi

Rare ‘Blue Hole’ found in Abu Dhabi

A rare ‘blue hole’ home to an amazing array of coral and marine life has been discovered off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

The Al Dhahfra Blue Hole covers an impressive 45,000 square metres. It’s 300m long and 200m wide and although it’s only 12m deep, it’s deep enough to create an entirely unique marine ecosystem.

The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi discovered the ‘blue hole’ while doing a routine radar survey.

And they say it’s filled with grouper, sweetlips, emperor fish and jackfish and at least 10 different coral species.

Blue holes are traditionally highly sought diving spots. So let’s hope now it’s been discovered, this blue hole in Abu Dhabi is well preserved.

The largest snake in the world has found a new home in Abu Dhabi

A 7m long reticulated python simply called Super Snake and thought to be the largest snake in the world has a new home in Abu Dhabi.,

The huge snake weighs in at a mammoth 115kg. And eats ducks and rabbits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And the massive female snake now calls Abu Dhabi home after being snapped up (pun intended) by the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi.

If you are a bit snake squeamish, probably best not to watch the clip below!