UAE approves Covid-19 vaccine for frontline health workers
UAE approves Covid-19 vaccine for frontline health workers

Registrations now open to test the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine here in the UAE!

Volunteers can now register to be try out the UAE’s Covid-19 vaccine which has just entered the last phase of its clinical trials.

Volunteers to try the inactivated vaccine in Abu Dhabi need to be between 18 and 60 years old and can be any nationality. If selected, you’ll then be go for a medical check-up, and if that’s approved, on to make history!

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, was the first individual to be administered the Phase III inactivated vaccine for COVID-19.

If you want to volunteer, register your details here or call 02 819 1111.

The world’s first phase III clinical trials

The UAE is the first country to begin phase III clinical trials and studies how safe and effective the vaccine is for a large population. This is generally the last stage of the process. And if successful, it can then be taken to market.

The UAE has teamed up with Abu Dhabi based G42 Healthcare and Sinopharm CNBG, the world’s sixth-largest vaccine manufacturer for the vaccine. And the UAE is the perfect test-ground due to the wide range of nationalities who live here.

The Covid-19 vaccine in the UAE has so far had a 100 per cent success rate, with all the volunteers creating antibodies after two doses in 28 days.

And in other good news, the UAE recorded its first day of zero Coronavirus-related deaths yesterday. It was the first time since April that no deaths have been recorded.