Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Residents Can Clear Absconding Fines With The New Amnesty Law

Starting August 1st, UAE’s amnesty laws come into effect to help those who have violated residency laws and have absconding fines on their visa.

Here’s how the exit pass works

Valid passport holders will have to get a plane ticket dated within ten days after applying for the exit pass at the amnesty tent at Al Aweer, which costs Dhs 221. The permit is valid for 21 days and residents will have to go through fingerprinting and eye-scanning. Whereas, residents with an invalid passport will have to get an emergency certificate from their country’s embassy or consulate since a passport can only be renewed at one’s home country during the amnesty period.

Visa violators have three months

Re-introduced after five years, this time, the amnesty period is going on for a three-month period, an additional month compared to the previous amnesties that happened in 2012-13 and in 2007. The first amnesty helped 342,000 visa violators sort their visa whilst the second amnesty helped 60,000 residents.

Residents with a job offer can regularise their visa status

Job offers can help absconders apply for a residency visa without paying a fine, whilst working absconders from the private sector can end their case by paying a Dhs 521 fees. For government employees, the fees is Dhs 71. Plus, residents who are still on the hunt for a job can stay in the country, by availing the six-month temporary visa.

Ban for those who entered UAE illegally

People living in the country without a visa and without any legal channels can exit the country for free but will have a two-year entry ban. Whereas, residents who had an entry ban in the past and absconders can also enter the country without paying any fines. However, they must not have any ongoing cases.

Free flights for South Indians

Kerala’s Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan announced free flights for those who reside in the southern state of India. To avail the free service, residents will have to get in touch with state organization Roots-Norka and they will facilitate the smooth flow of travelling back. The first batch of arrivals is going to happen mid-August.