heavy rain

Residents comply with stay at home advisory as heavy rains hit parts of UAE

The eastern parts of the UAE have been hit hard by heavy rains resulting into an emergency for residents in some areas.

Stranded families were rescued in overnight operations, while some roads, tourist attractions and areas had to be closed as a safety measure.

Flash Floods

Vehicles have been swept away in flash floods and affected residents in both public and private sectors were given the option to work from home.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Interior advised residents in affected areas not to leave homes except if absolutely necessary. Fujairah resident Raj Pattnaik said he had been staying home since alerts were issued.

“All non-essential government employees are working from home. So are employees of many private companies. Only essential workers like emergency teams and hospital workers are going out. I have been staying home with my family. Roads are under water, and many cars have been swept away. Several shops have also been flooded, making it difficult to get essential groceries.”

Rescue operations underway

UAE Authorities have come together to rescue stranded residents and the Ministry of Interior worked with police teams, civil defence agencies and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority to respond to any emergencies.

More rain forecasted

The NCM has also issued code-red alerts for some areas where it is still likely to experience heavy rainfall.

A red alert means that ‘hazardous weather events of exceptional severity are forecast’ and it advises residents to be “extremely vigilant”.

Stay safe out there!