Reel Cinemas 270 Degree
Photograph credit: Reel Cinemas

Review: Experiencing ScreenX 270° At Reel Cinemas

With a slew of new and creative ways to enjoy movies hitting the market such as 3D, 4DX, IMAX Laser. Cinemas are looking for new ways in which to stand out. …Introducing ScreenX!

For those who aren’t familiar, this is the latest advancement in movie-viewing technology, immersing filmgoers in a 270-degree-wide screen that expands the movie form the screen to the side walls. We recently watched DC’s latest superhero film, Shazam! at Reel Cinemas ScreenX, here’s what we thought.

Optimal use of the sidewalls

Ahead of the screening, we were, to a tiny extent, afraid we’d leave the cinema hall with neck ache, considering how wide a 270° screen would be. However, only parts of the film made use of the sidewalls, which was perfect in our opinion. The panoramic screen technology paved the way for displaying some cool special effects, particularly a scene where they demonstrated Shazam’s superpowers.

Our suggestion: Pick a seat in the centre

As much as end seats offer a direct route to the bathroom, sitting at the sides doesn’t offer an experience as immersive as the centre seats. And the reason is quite obvious because you’d be seeing one sidewall closer than the other. We recommend taking advantage of a central position and enjoy the show.

New cinematic experience

If you’re a movie buff that likes experiencing new formats of cinema, then the ScreenX is totally worth checking out. The panoramic cinema screen has seen increasing popularity over the years, with ScreenX launching in in 62 countries.

What about Shazam!?

All in all, DC does a decent job introducing a funny and millennial-oriented superhero, unlike its dark genre-themed movies this decade. Zachary Levi, the lead actor, brings a new perception to superheroes, as someone who’s enjoyable, cool and amusingly wholesome.

Is ScreenX here to stay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.