the blacksmith steakhouse
Photograph credit: The Blacksmith

Review: The Blacksmith Dubai, A Meat Lover’s Dream

When The Blacksmith opened in late 2017, it added one of “the ultimate smokehouses” to Dubai Marina’s eminent dining scene as. We decided to make a visit to taste their smoke infused offerings. 

Chill out doors on the terrace

Situated in Wyndam hotel at the far end of Dubai Marina, The Blacksmith has the typical American smokehouse vibe, we sat out on the terrace, with the custom-built gargantuan smoker in full view, setting your taste buds going with its wood smoke aroma.

the blacksmith terrace

Fiery appetizers to begin with

There was a wide selection of appetizers to choose from. The meaty extravaganza began with humbly served smoked chilli rubbed wings and Armadillo Eggs. The wings were perfectly seasoned and smoked to perfection in the giant smoker sat on the outdoor terrace, with a sticky texture that made you want to lick your fingers after every bite and the Armadillo Eggs were a lovely combination of smoked beef wrapped around a cheesy jalapeno filling. The wings, with their smokey and sweet aroma were certainly the standout starter.

the blacksmith armadillo eggs

Lip-smacking selection of meat from The Blacksmith’s custom-built smoker

For the mains, we opted for lamb ribs and Texas brisket sandwich, the chunky lamb ribs were nothing less than heavenly and the brisket, which was smoked for 14 hours was tender, succulent and melted in our mouth. Simply put, it was smokin’!

the blacksmith texas brisket

If you love meat you’ll love this place

We were pretty stuffed from the starters and mains, so we decided to opt out of the dessert,  however in summary if you are a lover of all things meaty this is the place for you. Carefully prepared dishes smoked for hours and served to perfection. Every Lad (or Ladette’s) meaty dream.

We recommend going there with a group and sharing dishes for the full experience.

The Blacksmith is located at Wyndham Dubai Marina. They’re open from 5 pm-2 am on weekdays and from 5 pm-3 am on weekends. Click here for reservations.