Rich Brits flying out to Dubai to get their Covid vaccines
Rich Brits flying out to Dubai to get their Covid vaccines

Rich Brits flying out to Dubai to get their Covid vaccines

Super-rich Brits are using a UK company to fly them out to the UAE and take advantage of the UAE’s Covid vaccine plan.

The Knightsbridge Circle is an AED100,000-a-year private members club that is flying its clients to the UAE and India on holiday. And while they’re on their luxurious holiday, they’re booked in for the Covid-19 vaccinations. As many as 20% of the club’s members have taken advantage of the vaccine loophole.

Unlike the UAE, Britain is only vaccinating the most at-risk members of society, with the bulk of the population set to be vaccinated by the autumn. So, instead, some Brits are flying to Dubai to get their vaccine, despite being urged not to travel by the UK government.

Knightsbridge have been flying over-65s to Dubai for the past few weeks.

The club’s founder Stuart McNeil told the Telegraph: ‘It’s like we’re the pioneers of this new luxury travel vaccine programme. You go for a few weeks to a villa in the sunshine, get your jabs and your certificate and you’re ready to go.”

Trips to Dubai, including the jab, cost around AED200,000 for a month-long trip including first-class flights with Emirates. They have their first jab as soon as they land and then wait for the second one while they stay in an apartment in the JBR.

UAE ahead of vaccine schedule

The UAE is well ahead of schedule in its plan to vaccinate half of the population before the end of March according to a top health official.

The UAE has already doubled the number of doses offered to the public in just a week from 53,859 on Friday to 118,928 on Wednesday. And they’ve already administered 13 million Covid-19 vaccines as of yesterday.