Photograph credit: Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi

Rides and Experiences You’ve Got To Look Out For At Warner Bros. World

Down at the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, the latest indoor theme park has got a world full of rides and zones that you’ve got to check out!

Whole lotta’ twists and turns at The Joker’s Funhouse

Joker fans! It’s your chance to step into Batman’s shoes and fight Gotham City’s evilest villain. At The Joker’s Funhouse, it’s a series of mental and physical obstacles to go through, starting with a maze having The Joker’s soundtrack around and of himself scaring innocent victims, followed by ladders moving around and physical obstacles to stop you from escaping into a tube slide.

Photograph credit: Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi

Flying with The Jetsons, how ’bout dat?

No foolin’ but George Jetson and his family have got a futuristic ride you can check out, called ‘The Jetson’s Cosmic Orbiter’, it’s a spaceship where you can literally fly on a “space-age landing pad.” It’s located at the Dynamite Gulch zone and after finishing from there, you can visit and buy souvenirs from the gift shop, Yosemite Sam Rootin’ Gas.

Photograph credit: Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi

Hang out with Scooby Doo and Daffy Duck

Could it get any more nostalgic? Down at the Cartoon Junction, you can relive what were homes to cartoon characters like Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Tasmanian Devil, Sylvester the Cat, Tom and Jerry and many more. You can spot the iconic ‘Mystery Machine’ from the Scooby Doo cartoons and take a ride on a mysteriously haunted house ride.

Photograph credit: Facebook/WBWorldAD

Fight villains with Justice League, say what?!

Dreamt to become a superhero one day? The chance is here! At the Metropolis zone, check out the ‘Justice League: Warworld Attacks’, where you’ll be joining the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on a mission to fight the bad guys. The best part, it’s a 5D ride! What’s more, Teen Titans has got a training academy for the little ones. It’s a play area with rope bridges, zip lines and more.

Step into the OG world of The Flinstones

With an eight-seater vehicle, you can take a tour across the old-fashioned town of Bedrock with Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flinstones and the Rubble family. By the end of the ride, don’t be scared by dinosaurs on the left welcoming you. What’s more, there’s a themed store, Bedrock Boutique, where you can get mementoes, food and refreshments.

Wile E. Coyote has got a cool new invention!

Remember Wile E. Coyote’s endless attempts to catch the Road Runner in the deserts in Looney Tunes? This time, he’s got an insane invention, the ACME Road Rocket 9000 and he’s taking you on a fast-paced adventure to catch the Road Runner for once and for all. You can check the ride, called ‘Fast and Furry-ous’ at the Dynamite Gulch.

Relive the wild Tom and Jerry chases

While the Scooby Doo themed haunted house ride will leave you scared, the ‘Swiss Cheese Spin’ ride next to it is full of action and adrenaline, leaving you in splits. It’s a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns around Tom and Jerry’s house. Alongside, the Cartoon Junction has also got a race track themed on Tasmanian ‘Taz’ Devil and has an interactive ride at the Acme Factory.

Photograph credit: Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi

Knight flight and Scarecrow for the adrenaline junkies

Gotham City has got an action-packed lineup of rides and after The Joker’s Funhouse, look out for ‘Batman: Knight Flight,’ a flight simulator where you’ll be rolling, climbing, dropping and spinning through obstacles while the flight is going on. Another fast-paced ride is the ‘Scarecrow Scare Raid’ ride, where the speedy scarecrow moves in the directions of the joystick located in the middle and at one point of the ride, the vehicle completes a semi-circle, which can have you upside-down for a couple of seconds.

Photograph credit: Facebook/WBWorldAD

4D ride with Green Lantern

For those who enjoy fancy technology and are fans of the sci-fi genre, the ‘Green Lantern: Odyssey’ ride is the ideal ride without any fast-paced challenges. The theatre ride takes you across galaxies in the Green Lantern universe, leaving you amazed by the special effects. Next to that, is the Superman-themed ride, called ‘Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis’, a 3D ride starring Superman himself.

Plenty of rides for the little ones

Some rides can only allow those above a certain height, but there are a lot of rides that are exclusively for kids. First off, Space jam character Marvin the Martian has got its themed ‘Crater Crasher’ experience, wherein kids can enjoy bumper cars. The Acme Factory at the Cartoon Junction has got an adventurous appeal for kids, making it through mazes, tunnels, suspended bridges and tunnels. Also, once they’re tired, you can take them to the Warner Bros. Plaza which hosts ‘ Warner Bros. Cinema Spectacular’, a live show starring Bugs Bunny.

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