Photograph credit: Ripley's Entertainment

Ripley’s! Believe It Or Not Museum Temporarily In Dubai

For the first time, the iconic New York museum with bizarre exhibits has come to the UAE for a temporary pop up exhibition.

Check out the exhibition at Wafi Mall

Mallgoers can look out for the show at Wafi Mall for free and there’s a chance to win big! It goes like this; Visitors will be provided with a passport, which has to be filled at every exhibit (75 FYI!) and once it’s full, the passport can be dropped at the raffle barrel. If luck is on your side, you stand a chance to win a grand prize.

Pop up museum part of centennial celebrations

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’s activation in Dubai is part of their world tour marking 100 years since the franchise was found. For years, they’ve been dealing in the most unconventional events and revealing the unusual past of strange items. It started as a newspaper panel part of the New York Globe and now, they’ve got freakily-designed books, a TV show, games, radio shows and museums attracting 12 million annual visitors.

You won’t believe this bizarre Dubai incident that was covered by Ripley’s!

No kiddin’ but car owners stopped their cars on Jumeirah’s roads to pick up banknotes from Dhs20 to Dhs500 as they flew on a windy day two years ago! According to Ripleys! Believe It or Not, the amount of money that was left on the roads were worth a whopping Dhs500,000. Too good to be true? Check out the footage and decide whether you ‘believe it or not.’