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RTA has announced an update for vehicle number plates

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) has announced it will test ‘smart plates’ next month which consists of features making driving and licensing services more convenient.


Smart plates uses ‘real time communication’ with vehicles.

Not only a number plate, it consists of GPS, transmitters and a microprocessor chip which can connect the vehicle with the Traffic Monitoring Centre. In case of accidents, the smart plate can notify the police and ambulance.
New vehicle number plate layout was implemented this year.

RTA has commenced the first phase of mandatory implementation of its new number plate layout. Due to constant increase in vehicle ownership, RTA has started two codes for its number plates. Currently, car owners with vehicle number plates’ having codes A, B and C have to upgrade to the new number plate.

Image credit: Expat Media

Vehicle Chain project has been launched too.

Along with smart plates, RTA has launched the ‘Vehicle Chain’ project which can help them identify a vehicle’s history. The project will benefit RTA for tracking cars’ kilometers, accident history and much more while car buyers are less likely to be presented with false information about a car’s history.

Smart number plates are in its testing phase currently. For more information, visit