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RTA has made a major announcement about car number plates

Attention motorists! The Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) has announced that it’s mandatory for all car owners owning number plates with codes A, B and C to upgrade their number plate(s) to the new layout, which costs 35 dhs for the small number plate and 50 dhs for the bigger number plate.

Upgrading is necessary because of the new number plate redesign.

Running out of number plates for single letter codes, RTA introduced the double letter code last year which has led to re-designing of the number plate layout. Due to which, they’ve commenced the first phase of number plate codes(A, B and C) mandatory to be upgraded.

Next phase will happen in January 2019.

Car owners are urged to upgrade their number plate(s) to the new layout from now itself as the upcoming phases will make it mandatory for selected codes to upgrade. The second phase will start next year in January and the following codes will have to upgrade: D, E, F, G, H and I. This will be followed by the third phase in January 2020 and the following codes will have to upgrade: J, K, L, M, N and O. The last phase will be in 2021 as number plates with codes between P to Z will have to upgrade.

Redesigning was required due to the increasing number of cars.

According to the World Bank data for motor vehicles per 1000 people, in 2007, there were 313 vehicles per 1000 people. Later in 2015, according to statistics by RTA, there were 540 vehicles per 1,000 people. The continual increase in vehicles has led to the requirement for double code number plates.

The first phase of mandatory number plates upgrade is going on. For more information, go to