Photograph credit: RTA Dubai

RTA has made an announcement on its buses

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) has announced that 316 buses costing Dhs 465 million are set to join its fleet.

Three types of buses will be joining the fleet

From the fleet of 316 buses, 143 of them will be deluxe intercity coaches, with each bus able to handle 55 passengers, 94 of them will be medium sized urban buses, with each bus able to handle 33 passengers and 79 of the fleet being double decker buses, with each bus able to seat up to 100 passengers.

Euro 5 and 6 buses will be used for the first time.

For the first time, RTA’s buses will comply to European emission standards, with ‘Euro 5’ category restricting carbon emissions to 1.0 g/km of CO(Cobalt), 0.10 g/km of HC(Hydrocarbon), 0.06 g/km of Nox(nitrogen oxides) and 0.005 g/km of PM(Promethium) in petrol usage.

Whereas, the ‘Euro 6’ category restricts carbon emissions to 0.50 g/km of CO(Cobalt), 0.17 g/km of HC(Hydrocarbon), 0.08 g/km of NOx(Nitrogen Oxides) and 0.005 g/km of PM(Promethium) in petrol usage.

Intercity deluxe coaches will have smart services

Passengers boarding on Volvo’s intercity deluxe coaches will be provided with free internet service, footrest, USB portals for cell phone charging and cup holders. Whereas, passengers boarding on the Double Decker buses will have access to internet and USB portals.

RTA’s new fleet of buses will add up to 2,085 busses by 2019. For more information, go to