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RTA’s New Smart System Is About To Make Car Registration Way Easy

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) is converting eight services online, making it easier for car owners to get works like registration, ownership certificates and renewal easier.

Car registration has to be done online

From July 22nd onward, car owners won’t have to go through the hassle of waiting at Tasjeel and Shamil stores to get car work done, instead, car owners can get their cars registered and renewed online. Vehicle registration is a one-time procedure which issues permanent ownership whilst renewal has to be done yearly.

Seven more services have been made online

Besides permanent car registration, there are seven more car related services that can be done online, which are to do with ownership certificate, clearance certificate, re-insurance certificate, first-owner registration certificate, printing of a detailed list of registered vehicles and return from tour certificate.

Car owners will have to keep a print out of the driving permit abroad

For those travelling abroad with their car, all they have to do is take a print out of the Vehicle Driving Permit which will be sent to their mail. Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA’s licensing agency said “Customers can keep the permanent registration and make a printout of the Vehicle Driving Permit sent via e-mail, and keep them in case vehicles leave the UAE. The Ministry of Interior has officially communicated with local and foreign entities in this regard. Details of the Vehicle Driving Permit can be verified through the link stated in the Permit, which can be printed free of charge from RTA portal.”