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Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Haircut Experience in UAE

It seems Hollywood’s king of sarcasm, Ryan Reynolds was left unimpressed after getting a haircut in Abu Dhabi, while talking to Ellen on her talk show, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Haircut “was sort of fun”

Fresh after shooting Netflix’s highly anticipated film, ‘6 Underground’ in Abu Dhabi, he joked about his haircut experience on DeGeneres’ talk show. He calls it “horrible,” but later admitted it “was sort of fun.” He said “The last portion of the movie I’m wearing a hat the whole time so I decided to get a haircut, but I went to a barber in like a strip mall there, and you’ve done movies, you’re not supposed to actually cut your hair without being supervised [because of continuity], and it was just amazing. It looked like somebody had cut my hair with a loofah, like they just sort of rubbed it off, or maybe used a hammer.”

“There was [a mirror] and at the time it was all happening in slow motion, I was like ‘I’m going to be fine, there’s no way it looks this bad, the mirror’s warped’. But no, it was really horrible. It was sort of fun, I liked having it for a minute. My daughter was upset.”

Blake Lively and family joined Ryan Reynolds in UAE for Thanksgiving

Ryan Reynolds talked about celebrating Thanksgiving in the UAE, bringing Blake Lively and their kids. He said, “We got around and looked around and absorbed as much of the place as we could. Both our kids were there and we wanted them to see as much as possible. I liked it, I actually really quite liked it, I had a bit of time off and got to cruise around.”

‘6 Underground’ wraps up shooting in Abu Dhabi

Director Michael Bay, Ryan Reynolds and scriptwriters team from Deadpool spent six weeks shooting ‘6 Underground’ in the capital. Majority of the shooting took place on Reem Island, alongside a few scenes shot in Liwa desert and the northern emirates. Netflix says it’s their biggest-budget film ever, estimated at $150 million (Dhs 550.9m). It’s set for a 2019 release.

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Photograph credit: twofour54