Photograph credit: Marvel Studios

Ryan Reynolds’ savage reply to Ranveer Singh as Deadpool will leave you amused

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh will be the voice of Deadpool in Hindi and his tweet announcing himself as the voice artist received a reply from Ryan Reynolds that has left fans berserk.

Ryan Reynolds swearing in Hindi “would be an international incident”

What started as a tweet by Ranveer Singh expressing how “fulfilling” it was to use foul language ended with a reply by the original Deadpool trolling him, saying if he were to curse in Hindi, it “would be an international incident”. Many fans were left amused and trolled the Bollywood actor for ‘ruining it’ and ‘doing injustice’ while some Twitter users replied for Ryan Reynolds to act in Hindi and are “ready for the international incident.”

Reactions to the sequel have been above positive

Screenings for the press took place this weekend and it has been received with a lot of positive reactions, including ‘Logan’ star Hugh Jackman, who described it as a “work of genius.” Most of the tweets reviewing the film have described the sequel as ‘funnier’, ‘hell of that R rating’ and ‘better than Infinity War’. The film is set to release on 17th May in UAE.

Deadpool 2 is the first film score to receive a parental advisory

Singers and DJs like Celine Dion, Diplo and Skrillex are part of the score with a big deal of explicit content and has received parental advisory by its record label, Sony Classical. The brains behind the score was Tyler Bates, who has done scores for films like Guardians of the Galaxy and John Wick. In an interview with Billboard, he described the parental advisory rating as “a badge of honour, to be honest.”