Samsung S9

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Launches With Some Catchy New Features

Smartphone giant Samsung launched the all new Galaxy S9 and S9+ today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 and it has a good deal of new feautres similar to the iPhone X as well as new features.

It has the AR Emoji tecknology.

What started off as the Animoji by the Apple’s iPhoneX last year has been replicated by Samsung introducing the AR Emoji. The differences being that the AR Emoji allows you to create your animated character from scratch, including the shape of the face or the skin tone, while the Animoji detects your facial movements and the existing character resembles it.

With an expandable memory up to 400GB, say bye bye to buffering and apps lagging.

Internally, the S9’s memory storage capacity is 64 GB but it’s additional memory space is capable of storing up to 400GB through SD cards. Memory cards capable of 400GB was unheard of until San Disk released memory cards capable of storing 400GB, which means that you can stream up to 40 hours of video in 1080p quality and reduces the likeliness of apps to perform slow.

Move on to the new Android Oreo.

Successor of the Android Nougat, the Android Oreo released last December and its greatest feature was the ability to operate two apps at once. Whereas, Android Oro made it easier to use the camera as double tapping the screen increases the zoom to 50%. Also, with Android Oreo, you can adjust the screen brightness to night light.

Translating text is much more easier now.

Thanks to Bixby Vision, all it requires you to do is to open the S9 camera, click on the Bixby Vision icon situated on the left of the camera screen and point the camera to the words. It creates two sides on the camera screen, showing the languages text on the left and the translated text on the right.

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Sales start on March 16th.

Priced at $720 (2,644 dhs), the smartphone will be released alongside S9+. Preorders commence on March 2nd.

Gif credit: Giphy