Will Saudi city Neom be the city of the future
Will Saudi city Neom be the city of the future

Flying taxis, robot dinosaurs and a drone moon all at Neom, Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion megacity

Saudi Arabia’s incredible $500 billion megacity Neom is one step closer to being a reality with detailed plans drawn up for the Red Sea City.

Although when we say reality, it really isn’t like anything the world has ever seen before.

The new plans include an artificial moon, cloud seeding, robotic gladiators and flying taxis. And the fully-automated city will aim to lead the world when it comes to healthcare, education and quality of life.

The future?

At the moment, there’s nothing but golden sands and gorgeous coastline on the Saudi stretch of the Red Sea. But Neom – which roughly means ‘new future’ – is set to be the most futuristic city ever created.

So futuristic, in fact, that some of the technology they want to use hasn’t been created yet!

The first phase was creating funding and development plans. Construction has begun on an airport and resort and phase two has now dropped with plans of what’s to come. And they ideas across the 2,300-page proposal are truly wild.

Developers want to create a drone moon, one that lights up at night but also live-streams images from space.

They also want to create a Jurassic Park style island full of robot dinosaurs. And glow in the dark sand.

It’s estimated it will take around 7-time 10 years to finish the project.

And it all puts Dubai’s plans to create sky taxis firmly in the shade!