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Saudi Arabia Issues Arrest Warrant For Couple Filmed Mocking The Abaya

A Saudi National and a Jordanian model have a warrant issued for their arrest in Saudi Arabia after they were filmed mocking the traditional abaya. The video which was shared on Twitter quickly went viral.

Couple arrested for mocking abaya

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet showing a Saudi man removing a Jordanian model’s abaya and teasing her “Why are you wearing the abaya? You can take it off now, we’re in the era of entertainment,” with the man then kissing her hand. The clip gained widespread criticism by Saudis and others from the Arab world due to its disrespectful nature towards morality and local culture.

Mockery of the national dress

A Saudi media outlet reports arrest warrants were issued against the couple for “insulting religious values and public morals.” Some social media users complained the man appeared in numerous videos before and has “violated the kingdom’s rules and regulations.”

Huge changes in Saudi Arabia of late

The duo’s arrest warrant happens in time of a huge transformation in the region, with Saudi Arabia diversifying its economy bringing in events and concepts against its historically conservative society. This year saw massive music festivals and concerts during the Jeddah and Riyadh Season, including gigs by 50 Cent, Future and Janet Jackson.

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Photograph credit: Pixabay

This is not the first entertainment linked controversy to happen in the country. Last month, an attacker ran on stage in the midst of a theatre performance, stabbing three performers.