Photograph credit: Dar Al Arkan and Twitter

Saudi Lad Caught On Camera Driving An Exotic Car Around A Shopping Mall

A viral video posted recently shows a Saudi lad causing a stir on social media after renting an entire mall so he could drive around and shop.

Driving inside a mall, say what?!

No kiddin’ a security guard posted a video showing two Saudi men driving an exotic Aston Martin through Al Qasr Mall in Riyadh. According to him, the duo “rented” the entire mall so they could shop with the ease of driving their car around. Check out the footage:

“Look, he’s even cruising here in his car”

In the video, the security guard can be heard reportedly claiming the mall has been rented entirely by the high rollers. He said, “I am a security guard at Al Qasr Mall and they’re saying someone rented out the entire place. Look, he’s even cruising here in his car. Looks like he’s super rich. May God grant us the same.”

According to an editorial by StepFeed, some commenters were unsure whether the incident was part of a commercial shoot or a prank.

Check out the time a tank cruised around Dubai Mall

Of course, it was a publicity stunt, by Amazon Prime hit show the Grand Tour. The Dubai Mall played host to adrenaline junkie Richard Hammond, as he cruised through the mall in a tank while shooting the second season. Fun fact, the tank is believed to be worth a whopping AED 1.5 million. Check it out: