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Saudi Lad Earns Praise For Putting Out Fire At A Gas Station

A huge fire broke out at a gas station in Saudi Arabia, and a young lad quickly extinguished the flames to save the people around.

Gas station caught fire

Last week, a gas station in Yanbu, in the northwestern province of Saudi Arabia, caught fire after a car crashed into one of the pumps during the late hours of the night. The car sped away and the pump erupted in flames.

saudi gas station fire

Saudi lad extinguished the fire

Thamer Fayez Al Marzouki, a young Saudi National, grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames.

It took two cylinders to extinguish all the flames. The entire incident was recorded on CCTV. Check out the footage:

Outpouring of praise

Al Marzrouki’s heroic rescue is earning praise on social media. He also won an award by the Aramco Sinopec Refining Company.

What’s more, no casualties were reported from the incident.

Check out the last time a fiery incident happened in Saudi Arabia

A viral video from 2017 shows an SUV pushing away a burning car at a petrol pump, leading to 50 people saved in this instance.

Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Rajban, the man who drove the SUV said, “It was a dramatic scene with many civilians next to the car and others at the nearby ATM machine.

I felt a strong urge to make the scene safe for everyone and I did not hold myself back. I got in my car, drove it to the burning vehicle and pushed it away from the pump to avoid the tragedy waiting to happen.”