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Chaos At Saudi Wedding After Wife Finds Her Husband Getting Married

Weddings are all about celebrations, joy and happy spirits but this Saudi woman had no idea what she would witness at the wedding that would leave her in despair.

She discovered a sad truth about her husband

Here’s how it goes; the bride had a party only for her female friends, which the Saudi woman was invited to. The marriage officiators required the bride to sign on their book and after signing it, her friends decided to take a look at the past signing for fun. The atmosphere was in high spirits until they found out that the Saudi woman’s husband’s name was on the list and he was married to another woman. Oh no!

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Couple were married for a decade till this incident

How disappointing! The couple were married for a decade until the woman discovered her husband had a second marriage. Once the news got publicized in Saudi Arabia, numerous social media users responded to the incident, describing the husband as “filthy” and if they were in her shoes, by now a divorce case had been filed. Another user joked saying that it’s only in Saudi Arabia where stories have “action” and “drama”.

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You won’t believe how this couple’s engagement broke recently

Besides the Saudi couple incident, another bizarre incident about marriage happened last week when an Arab man in Ras Al Khaimah promised the bride-to-be that he will buy her a brand new car with several gifts. To buy the new car, he stole her jewellery worth Dhs 130,000 and got her the car. However, the woman discovered the theft and filed a case. Now the Arab man is facing charges, two years imprisonment followed by deportation.

The news was broken by Awalia News in Saudi Arabia. You can check the original article here: