Saudi woman wants to divorce her bald husband
Saudi woman wants to divorce her bald husband

Saudi woman wants to divorce her bald husband

A Saudi woman is seeking to divorce her husband after just two days arguing that she didn’t know he was actually bald.

The Saudi woman said in her plea that her husband had concealed his baldness before and during their engagement by wearing a ghutra, the traditional Saudi headdress.

The lawsuit was filed just two days after the couple were married.

The issue came to light during the mandatory counselling sessions in the family court following a divorce lawsuit.

And the Saudi woman told the counsellor she wanted the divorce as she felt betrayed by her bald husband.

“I feel embarrassed in front of my friends and relatives and I have concerns that my children could be prone to baldness. It is difficult for me to live with him anymore,” she said.

The husband’s lawyer said the case was “the strangest divorce case he had ever seen.”

He added that a woman has the right to request an annulment of the marriage if she discovers a repulsive and persistent defect in the man, provided that she did not know about it at the time of the engagement.

The couple will now have another round of counselling before any final decisions are made.

Will the husband make the cut in the end? Or will this be just a close shave?

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