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It looks like Saudis were on a spending spree in the UK during the first quarter of 2019, spending a whopping 445 million Riyals (AED 437m).

SR445 million spent by Saudis in the UK during first quarter of 2019

There’s no denying the UK, particularly London plays host to high-rollers and cash-rich Arabs from the Middle East. From rolling out in gold-plated Lambo’s and Merc’s to embarking on shopping sprees at Harrods and staying at Mayfair’s ultra-luxe hotels, It’s quite evident.

Saudis, in particular, went all out in the UK this summer. VisitBritain recently released a study revealing 23,769 visitors descending upon the UK during the first quarter of 2019 spent an average of SR21,000 (AED 20.5k) accumulating to the staggering total of SR445 million.

Saudis Saudi Arabia UK 2019 Spend Billion

Via Giphy

7,336 Saudi women visited the UK this year

Unless you’re in the know, last month was quite a historic moment in Saudi Arabia, allowing women to travel independently. Stats reveal 7,366 Saudi women flew to the UK, spending up to SR114 million (AED111m).

Saudis Saudi Arabia UK 2019 Spend Billion

Photograph credit: Visit London

UAE Royals no stranger to the UK

The UK is a common fixture for the Royal families of the UAE, especially for the Al Maktoum kingdom attending the Royal Ascot horse racing championship every year.

Saudis Saudi Arabia UK 2019 Spend Billion sheikh mohammed

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Check out the time Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed and Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan took a ride on the London Underground.

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