Scammer pretending to be 'Sorcerer' steals AED200,00 from elderly man
Scammer pretending to be 'Sorcerer' steals AED200,00 from elderly man

Scammer pretending to be ‘Sorcerer’ steals AED200,000 from elderly man

An elderly man in Dubai lost AED200,000 after a ‘sorcerer’ convinced him that he could remove a spell that was causing bad health and money problems.

And the scammer – or ‘sorcerer’ – was after even more money before a family member became suspicious and got in touch with the police.

Dubai Police received a call about a man who had transferred Dh200,000 to a person in an Arab country to remove the so-called spell which he was told was damaging his health and wealth,” said Colonel Omar Bin Hamad, Deputy Director of Anti-Economic Crimes Department at Dubai Police.

After receiving the first payment, the scammer then went back for more, ‘claiming there is a bigger spell that needs to be removed too.’

Thankfully by this time, the family member had stepped in to control the situation.

Dubai Police managed to track the scammer to another Arab country and convinced the elderly man that there was no spell.

We really hope he gets his money back somehow. Please karma, do your thing!

Facebook bans all anti-vaccination misinformation

Staying in the fake news world, Facebook is getting tough on anti-vaccination misinformation to remove false claims about Covid-19, vaccines and the pandemic.

Facebook announced in a statement that it would be expanding its efforts to remove false information on Facebook and Instagram.

According to their post, this includes claims that…

  • COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured
  • Vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are meant to protect against
  • It’s safer to get the disease than to get the vaccine
  • Vaccines are toxic, dangerous or cause autism 

The new ban comes into effect immediately and will focus on ‘Pages, groups and accounts that violate these rules.’ Facebook is also actively promoting news about the vaccines to its users across the world.