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See This Vintage Animation Version Of 2018’s Most Talked About Video

‘Hard work is always appreciated’ and it’s exactly what this digital artist in New York deserves after recreating Childish Gambino’s latest track on an ’80s animation software.

First look of the recreated version of ‘This Is America’

New York-based illustrator and digital artist Wahyu Ichwandardi has been working on making an animated version of the Donald ‘Childish Gambino’ Glover’s rap single ‘This Is America’ on an ’80s Macintosh SE Computer, MacPaint Sofware and MacroMind software. He released a first look of the animation and it has already stormed the internet.

Creating the first look took 375 frames

Pixel by pixel and frame by frame, Ichwandardi took the pain to create Childish Gambino’s look from scratch and it’s taken him 375 frames to re-create his moves from the most impactful part of the song; the chorus and first half of the verse. The first look has got his followers describing the work as ‘insane’, ‘dope’ and of 9GAG material.

Childish Gambino spent two weeks at No. 1 on Billboard

Hell yeah! Thanks to ‘This Is America’, Childish Gambino has become this year’s rap sensation and it has spent nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts since its debut on May 19th. For two weeks, the song remained at No. 1. Within two months, the video garnered 329 million views and it followed with a viral trend of rappers making a version of their own city or country.

FYI there’s a Dubai version too!

Last month, an Afghan expat YouTuber who goes by the name DawoodSAVAGE, came up with an amusing parody titled ‘This is Dubai’, rapping about Dubai norms and lifestyle. The most ironic bit, however, was the fact that the video was shot against a background with a life-sized hashtag reading ‘#LOVEAJMAN.’ What’s more, he’s also done a parody version on his home country, Afghanistan.