Self-driving car launched in Sharjah
Self-driving car launched in Sharjah

Self-driving car gives out masks and gloves to residents in Sharjah

We can all use a helping hand staying safe at the moment, and this AI-powered self-driving car in Sharjah is giving out personal protective equipment to people in Sharjah.

The social-distancing machine is giving out masks, gloves and sanitiser to workers and residents in a Sharjah complex.

The amazing bit of machinery is the work of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and Huawei. And it’s part of the region’s efforts to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

What a cool way to use AI!

Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health Policy and the Licensing Sector in the ministry said about the self-driving car:

“AI technologies are very useful during these challenges’ times. Not only will they help protect the medical cadres against the virus, but they will also save their time, which can be harnessed to treat patients,” Al Amiri said.

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