Sharjah's sky pod takes Passengers for the first time
Sharjah's sky pod takes Passengers for the first time

Sharjah 500kph uSky pods take Passengers for the first time

The amazing uSky Pods in Sharjah capable of speeds of up to 500kph took its first passengers recently as the system was put to the test.

The four-seat UCar took less than a minute to zip down the 400m test track at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park.

And while it only went at 50kph, the Sharjah uSky pods will be able to hit speeds of ten times that when it’s fully operational.

The track uses strengthened rail technology to create a network that will link Sharjah. And hopefully the whole UAE. Once operational, it will be able to transport cargo and passengers at incredible speeds in 12-meter containers.

“We are now riding the future with this system,” said Oleg Zaretskiy, chief executive of uSky Transport.

They’re building a longer test track spanning 2.4km across Sharjah. And it’s hoped the high-tensile will take traffic into the air. It could take revolutionise the transport system in the UAE, taking big cargo off roads and putting it in the air instead.

Imagine a UAE road with no trucks!

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