Sharjah residents forget wallets but remember face masks
Sharjah residents forget wallets but remember face masks

Sharjah fire residents forget wallets but remember face masks!

As we reported earlier this week, there was a massive fire in Sharjah that burned through a 49-storey residential building.

Thankfully, while several residents of the Abbco Tower needed hospitalisation for smoke damage, there were no casualties thanks to the Sharjah Civil Defence.

But details are starting to emerge after the fire. You’d imagine you’d be in such a rush to evacuate the building you’d forget everything but the most important items.

And, amazingly, many of the residents did remember to bring their masks and maintain social distancing once they were safely out of the building. And some even managed to save their cats and stay safe. Amazing!

Amna Adil, a Pakistani expat, told Gulf News she took the family’s passport, Emirates IDs and face masks when she evacuated the fire in Sharjah. “Even as there was panic everywhere and in the house, we all picked up our face masks in order to adhere to the measures laid down by the UAE government to curb the spread of coronavirus.”

Fire investigation

According to police reports, the building was fitted with illegal cladding. The cladding was banned on new buildings back 2016 in Sharjah.

While the cladding wasn’t responsible for the fire, it did help accelerate the blaze. An investigation is still underway to determine the cause of the fire. But it’s said to have started from the 10th floor.