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Photograph credit: Pixabay

Sharjah Police Reveal How Thieves Steal Valuables From Cars In The UAE

With the holiday season around the corner, Sharjah Police warns motorists not to leave pricey valuables in their cars as thieves can break into vehicles more easily than you may think.

Here’s how thieves break into cars in the UAE

Sharjah Police recently took to Instagram to share a video recreating a crime scene, wherein a motorist parks his SUV and leaves behind a little bag with thousands of dirhams in it. A criminal who’s been keeping an eye on the driver approaches the vehicle after it’s been locked and cracks the window to break in and steal the money. Check it out:

Car break-ins a recurring problem

The police report that car break-ins are common in the emirate and it’s up to motorists to ensure they don’t leave behind expensive items or cash. Some of the most common things left behind include laptops, shopping bags, phones and wallets.

Never leave your car unlocked

Be it going to the cafeteria to order a shawarma or picking up a cup of karak, the UAE warns motorists to keep their car locked at all times. Last year, they issued a video reminding drivers of the risks of leaving a child unattended inside a vehicle.

Call Sharjah Police at 999 or visit their website to report crimes.