Sharjah launches drive-in cinema
Sharjah launches drive-in cinema

Sharjah to get its own drive-in movie theatre from July 1

After the success of the Mall of the Emirates drive-in movie theatre, Sharjah is now joining in and launching its own version from July 1.

Arada is planning to open a drive-in movie experience at Madar at Aljada in Sharjah. The huge 2.2km mall and entertainment complex opened in February and includes a children’s adventure zone, amphitheatre and a skatepark.

The mall has they’ve teamed up with Dubai-based Urban Entertainment who run a lot of outdoor cinema experiences in the country. Once Sharjah’s drive-in cinema is up and running, further cinemas are planned in RAK and Dubai.

The Sharjah open-air film club is set to launch on Wednesday, July 1 and run throughout the summer. And they’ll be announcing the film line up here in the run-up to the event.

Films will be shown daily at 8 pm and it’s free entry! The drive-in cinema in Sharjah is limited to 150 cars and like Dubai, the audio for the film will be streamed through your car radio.

Want some in-car munchies for the film?

Well, you can order directly from over 17 different restaurants thanks to Zad at Aljada, the mall’s food district.

Throughout the experience, there’ll be strict social distancing and contactless payment.

And it’s not just drive-in cinemas that look like the future. A group of party promoters in Germany have created the world’s first drive-through rave!