Photograph credit: Facebook

Shawarma-Man to the Rescue! Welcome the UAE’s First Superhero

Yeah, you heard that right! There’s an epic new superhero in town and we’ve been waiting for him all our lives!

Who is Shawarma-Man?

Remember when Tony Stark took the Avengers crew to a shawarma deli in the end credits of  ‘Avengers’? This scene sparked the idea for the UAE’s first homegrown hero. A hero that will be certain to win the hearts of anyone in our shawarma munching city.

Some heroes don’t wear capes!

In this case, they wear Khubooz? The concept art appears to show our hero in a suit similar to Tony Starks’ Iron Man & War Machine, however, his superpowers are far superior in our opinion. Equipped with a three-leg burner, capable of grilling up shawarma in seconds our hero has the ability to cook, carve and wrap shawarma at extremely high speeds and can shoot 2 shawarmas at once to a maximum distance of 250 meters at a top speed of 98 km/h. He also comes equipped with chilli and garlic sauce guns which he can fire with extreme accuracy.

Photograph credit: Facebook

Dawn of a new era

If you, like us, can’t wait for your next fix of Shawarma, then good news! Shawarma-man will be visiting cafés and restaurants around the city and firing Shawarmas at citizens in need of a good feed, make sure to hit us up if you see him out on the streets.

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