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Photograph credit: Dubai Airports

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Declares free 1-month extension of UAE tourist visas

In a bid to assist those unable to leave UAE because of airport closures abroad, Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, has announced that tourists in the UAE will have their visas extended for one month free of charge.

The extension will apply to tourists of all nationalities, who may not be able to fly back to their country.

Stringent Measures In Place

Following efforts to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UAE has been carefully reopening to tourists.

Dubai was one of the first destinations to reopen in July however there have been stringent safety measures in place.

Tourists from all but 6 countries who which to enter Dubai require a negative PCR test result, received within 96 hours from the scheduled flight departure time. Tourists from some countries will be tested again on arrival.

With the rise of a new Covid-19 strain, some countries decided to suspend international flights and with the new, more infectious strain that is believed to have emerged in the UK, a number of countries have temporarily stopped all flights to Britain.

The Worlds Coolest Winter Campaign

With the tourism industry in mind, Sheikh Mohammed has also launched a UAE-wide campaign titled The “World’s Coolest Winter” campaign to attract international visitors and also promote staycations.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to explore the hidden gems of the seven emirates.

It will also highlight the landmarks and attractions which distinguish every emirate and contribute to the UAE as a one-stop destination of choice.

Sheikh Mohammed says an Emirati winter was something to enjoy:

“The UAE has the most beautiful winter, it has the most beautiful people and it has the most beautiful services that any tourist can enjoy. I invite everyone to travel in the Emirates and explore the spirit of the Emirates.”

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