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Shopkeeper Run Over By Car For Dhs 55 Phone Credit

Police in Abu Dhabi is investigating the case of a shopkeeper who got run over by a thief, after not agreeing to pay for a phone credit recharge card worth Dhs 55.

Shopkeeper run over in Abu Dhabi for Dhs 55 recharge card

Soon after an Asian shopkeeper delivered a Dhs 55 credit recharge card to the suspect, identified as a GCC National, he refused to pay the shopkeeper and eventually and run him over on the streets of the capital. The shopkeeper held the car’s side until the suspect drove his car over him.

Photograph credit: Videoblocks

Investigations going on

According to Al Bayan, the Asian worker faced severe injuries and eventually passed away. He was taken to hospital for treatment but passed away before arriving at the hospital. A case was registered to Abu Dhabi’s Court Of Appeal, who are investigating the death and the incidents before.

Court hearing adjourned for next month

As of now, the case has been adjourned until a court hearing next month. The next court appearance will hear from the defendant. There are more details to come once the court hearing happens, to decide the fate of the thief..