Holi Beach Festival
Holi Beach Festival

Show your true colours at the Clorox Holi Beach Party in Dubai

It’s one of our favourite parties of the year, so we’re delighted that the Clorox Holi Beach Party is returning for another day of colourful dance music to Dubai.

The Holi festival celebrates positivity and colour and the party in Jebel Ali runs all the way from sunrise to sunset on Friday, March 13.

The party features a wide range of DJs playing Bollywood beats, dance music and EDM. Guest DJs include DJ Hani, Sib, Buddha, Varun Sharma, Ace, Mad Max, Atul, Devil & Ritual.

But as anyone who’s been to a Holi party before knows, the music is only half of the fun.

The Holi Festival is an ancient Hindu festival increasingly celebrated around the world. Known as the festival of spring, colour and love, it’s often celebrated with colour. Lots and lots of colour.

Which in this case, means a riot of colour to go with dance music. Think white T-shirts spattered with green, blue, red, pink, purple and more. All brought together by huge smiles and basslines.

The Holi Beach party all takes place on the beach at the JA The Beach Hotel in Dubai and runs for 12 hours from 10 am to 10 pm.

Click here for tickets, with under-fives free.