Sleeping Tesla driver caught speeding by police
Sleeping Tesla driver caught speeding by police

Sleeping Tesla driver caught speeding by police

Technology is the answer to all our problems, we’re told – but in this case, it’s caused more problems after sleeping Tesla driver was caught by police after breaking the speed limit.

Police in Canada were first alerted to the car when they saw it speed past with no one at the wheel. That’s because both passengers were fast asleep slumped in the front seats. And the self-driving Tesla had been taking care of business. But it was a little too fast as it actually started speeding up!

The Canadian Police cleared a lane of the highway to make sure there were no accidents. But as the traffic emptied, the autopilot took that as a good sign, speeding up to 152km/hour when the speed limit was 110km/h.

It’s fair to say the police were pretty confused by this point – a car with no driver actually speeding up when being tailed by police cars. They then turned their sirens to full blast which finally woke up the driver who pulled over.

“I’ve got over 23 and a half years of police experience, and of those the majority is traffic law enforcement, and of course I’ve never seen anything like this,” Darrin Turnbull, the arresting officer, said.

The sleeping Tesla driver got a speeding ticket. And the passenger, now refreshed after their nap, took their turn at the wheel.

Need for electric speed

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